Welcome to the Unlimited App of your favourite Yogastudio innocent
If You are New here and got an unlimited ... follow this link :)

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Planning to get an Unlimited ? :

If your Unlimited starts on 18 Jun 24, its last valid day (without extensions) will be :

30 days Unlimited : Jul 17, 2024

60 days Unlimited : Aug 16, 2024

90 days Unlimited : Sep 15, 2024

180 days Unlimited : Dec 14, 2024

Enter the begin - date of your Unlimited to find its (unextended) expiry date :

With the Unlimited App you can :

  • Superquick check the expiry date of a new unlimited.

  • Or after - Registering and Saving your Unlimited 
    YOU can :

  • See & pause (extend) your running Unlimited.

  • See a list of ALL your unlimiteds and extensions.

  • You can also edit your Extensions, or your Data.
    The related Unlimited will update itself.

  • Create a quicklink to view your running unlimited ! - on your phone if you wish.
    Especially handy once you are set up. The link is random and rather long, and therefore secret.

The teachers are easily able to see a list of todays valid unlimiteds,
and specifically Lucas can edit any mistakes made.
Please make none.. so he can focus on yoga instead of programmingcool.

Instructions, for those who want to read ahead :

With every Unlimited you should get a slip of paper, which contains

  • a link (to here cool) so you can read this and

  • a Code that is linked to your unlimited.

  • Use the code to Register yourself - i.e. enter email, callname and password etc. and then ..

  • When logged in : Use the Code to enter the details of your unlimited (date & type).

  • Please enter the unlimited date & type correctly - this cannot be edited ! 

  • Pause your Unlimited : Use the same Code to make / change / delete any extension.

  • It may be a Very good idea to write this code down, maybe directly on the back of your unlimited, or store it on your phone ... If you ever happen to loose your unlimited (card & or code), lucas can recover the code and send you an email.

  • The emailaddress is used to login or for lucas to send you a the code or password if you need one (which you pretty much never 'not ever should embarassed')

  • Please Do remember your password. Lucas can not recover it, only set a new one.

  • Once you are set up, you may want to bookmark a quicklink for a direct view of your Unlimiteds

Unlimited Extension rules :

    • Extensions minimum is one week, but is measured in days. E.g. 10 days.

    • The sum of all extensions can only be half the running time of the unlimited.
      e.g. a 60 day unlimited can be extended 30 days.

    • You can completely change an extension if it has not started yet.

    • You can pause your unlimited from two days backwards !
      These Extensions will show up in a different color.
      I.e. if you get sick you have 2 days to make up your mind / remember to extend your unlimited.

    • You can edit an extension that is not yet over - i.e. make it longer or shorter, but within the constraints above.

    • Deleting an extension is always possible ! But this cannot be undone !

    • Obviously you can't extend backwards or inverted or extend over an already existing extension etc .. it won't work.

    • Please be aware that computers don't haggle.
      Extraordinary changes need hacking (overextensions, forgotten / backwards extensions etc... ), and it would be preferable, if lucas doesn't have to hack his own program.

Other details  :

  • Your Username, password & emailadress are easily changed.
  • The Quicklink can be generated without password, every other Profile-change needs your password as confirmation.
  • Unlimiteds cannot be deleted or changed once they have been entered ! 
  • Deleting your User account can be done by Lucas.